Something to lose developps a serie of sustainable art works in educational institutions. Each art work is based
on the vast, rural or urban territory on which extends the institution, and within a long timeframe, since the time
unit is a school year. Individual meetings collect and confront the tales, the pratices and the emotiinal places
of the school students : the narrative territories of adolescence. In each school, the artist studio, in which the work
is slowly built, becomes an intermediary place, frequented by the school students, the teachers and agents,
an under-side of the educational system, with other rules, other ways of interaction.
Progressively accumulating a mesh of narrative art works in various educational institutions, something to lose
starts a long process connecting to generation and time. Sustainable, each art work is a narrative form or a
territory in the its process of aging, it testifies or confronts the futur generation of students, progressively
involving the perishable or eternal aspects of its identities.

Something to lose, high school of Vitry-sur Seine (94) - Arcadi - DRAC - conseil régionaL
2014 / 2015

Something to lose, rural high school of Villeneuve l’Archevêque (89) - Centre d’art de l’Yonne - DRAC
Conseil Général - 2013 / 2014

Something to lose, rural highschool of Barbezieux (16) - Rur’art - DRAC - Conseil Régional -
2012 / 2013

© Thierry Payet