Human-urban is an artistic intervention in an urban planning exhibition. Curating an exhibition presenting the city
transformation in its North-East territories (Paris Metropolis, france), Thierry Payet, artist, establishes the
fundamentals of the sensitive cartography to generate connections between the local residents and the urban
regeneration. Key-residents and key-users are identified and individually interviewed, focusing on the places
they connect to, with personal stories and uses. A set of maps, video interviews, and various texts embody the
human / urban interactions on this 650 ha territory. The collected assets are central in the on-site exhibition, mixing
top architects and urban planners with community residents daily practices. A pilot project of mobile concertation
device is derived from the cartography assets. It is built with the city technical services and managed by a local
council’s maintenance team. After it is successfully tested in two neighborhoods of the North East of the city, it is
deployed in the whole City of Paris.

Human-urban, 75018, 75019, Saint-Denis, Auberviliers, Ville de Paris, DPVI (Délégation à la
Politique de la Ville et à l’Intégration), Pavillon de l’Arsenal (Architecture and urban planning exhibition center
of the City of Paris), 2010 / 2011

© Thierry Payet