Cabane is a permanent art work in the public garden surrounding an art center. In this under-used
public space, the art work is shared by the local maintenance service, a city merchant, and the art center.
Digging foundations into the ground is banned on this specific location. Instead, sand bags have been
installed on the top of the cabin and suspended from its roof structures. 2800 liters of plant soil insure
the cabin’s stability, and are used to grow plants and flowers in a vegetal composition designed with the
city gardeners. Every four months, the council gardeners change the cabin’s outlook by planting new
species according to the season. The cabin’s « hairstyle » has become the very place to show their
skills and creativity.
As it is serviced with water and electricity, the cabin is used by a local vendor when the weather allows it,
stimulating new uses in the garden. The vendor’s rent covers for the cabin’s construction cost after three years.
The contemporary art center in the garden also uses the cabin for its opening and to display its
communication posters.

Cabane, Maison des Arts de Malakoff art center (Malakoff, Hauts-de-Seine), 2010

© Thierry Payet