Stock-cubes is a serie of three art worksfor the urban furniture Biennale of La Defense.
The artistic project restores the connection betwwen the business district, where street vendors are banned,
and a vegetable production area 4 kilomers away from the towers. It challenges the local ban by offering the
possibility to “deliver” the vegetables in specific individual boxes : the stock-cubes. Weekly deliveries of
vegetables are made by a local producer. In theory : each box is a left-lugage system with a personnal key.
The users (inhabitants, employees) leave a caution ta have a key. In reality, the artist and the local producer
move the legal lines. The vegetables are gradually displayed on the boxes, an underground money system
is set-up, and the apparatus is becoming a business district market. In december 2013, 310 people
subscribers are part of the process every week. When the street furnitures are removed at the end
of the biennale, the delivery system is maintained, directly in the public space. The local law is changed,
street vending is now allowed.

Stock Cubes, La Defense biennale of urban furniture - march 2012 / december 2013

© Thierry Payet