Saint-Boris en Or is an artistic intervention in the urban planning project transforming a central axis of
La Goutte d’Or neighborhood in Paris. The artistic project follows the process of the urban regeneration
in all its phasis, until 2016. Its first action is to produce a narrative cartography to enable concepts connected
to the local territory to emerge. For exeample those of “stagnation” and “flow”.
A first restitution was made through a serie of urban posters arranging the various individual stories and issues.
They were displayed on 2nd may, day of the Saint-Boris.
A serie of collective workshops has followed, led by the artist, allowing the urban planner, the maintenance services
of the city and the inhabitants to build a common ground for the urban project.

Saint-Boris en Or, City of Paris, Urban planner : Architecture Andrei Feraru, 2015-2016

© Thierry Payet