1879 FMC

1879 FMC is gathering a serie of art works in the deprived Franc-Moisin social housing in the City of
Saint-Denis (France). The art works are conducted during the urban transformation of the public spaces
of the social housing and within the frame work of a 2 years residency with the Synesthésie Art Center.
The art project is based on individual meetings with key-residents of the 1879 dwellings, and leads to
six cartographic art works. They connect the individual narrations and the places of the social
housing : the clandestine feminist meetings in the driving-school office, the happy days, the solidarity during
the moments of tragedy, the meat and cars that are burnt on the main square, an informal car repair system
on a parlking place, a building that never existed, the souvenirs of the day when another building was “imploded”...
The six cartographic art works are articulated on various devices and temporality : on six road signs
permanently diverted with the local raodway maintenance team on the edges of the social housing,
on urban posters with the inhabitants, during exhibitions in the Art Center, in the city spaces, in the social
housing, during narration tales for the public of Tram — a network of contemporary art at the Paris region
scale —, through the publishing of 2000 emotional cartographies of the social housing based on the french
official road maps system.

1879 FMC, Synesthésie art center, DRAC, Ville de Saint-Denis, Plaine Commune, Département de Seine Saint-Denis

© Thierry Payet