Being somewhere is a group of art works positioning the artist on the territory of his studio. The art project is building
the posture of an neighborhood artist being involved in the neighborhood meetings, suggesting interfaces between
inhabitants behaviours and the local urban regeneration. Conceived as a 3 years fisrt sequence, it is connecting
human, financial, political and social ressources of two deprived neighborhoods and a newly built area.
Bordering territories and issues are progressively adding to the extent of the project.

Being somewhere, cartographie narrative du territoire de l’atelier, 2014-2015

© Thierry Payet

Being somewhere, narrative cartography, studio open day, 2015

Kiosk - narrative cartography and local urban planing with the inhabitants and users for an under-used area
City contract - Mairie du 13ème, Road maintenance service, 80 000 €, 2015-2016