Urban Anatolia is a serie of five art installations in non-artsitic places of the Ankara metropolis.
The installations are connected by a map distributed in a contemporary art gallery. They are part of
an Ankara project set up by TRAM, a network of contemporary art in the Paris Region, and play a
structural role for an exhibition connecting french and turkish artists and curators.
Urban Anatolia is following the path questionning the issues of narration and territory. The art works
are fed by individual meetings with characters of the city. The artist « arranges » the collected stories,
the places of the installations, and the different issues : meeting somewhere, the connection between
the wild dogs and the city limits, the patrimony pastiche, a university cafeteria destroyed with
molotov coktails...
The installations incarnate the metropolis as an sum of stories attached to its living spaces, gathered
and put in vis-à-vis in symbolic places of different urban tissus. They cause a vibration between the
different neighborhoods and topics. They confuse the narrations and the territory.

Installations, Thierry Payet : Ostim, Ümitkoy, Odtü, Güvenlik Cadesi, Ulus
Réseau TRAM, Institut Français d'Ankara
Aristes en résidence : Thierry Payet et Olivier Kosta-Thefaine
Exhibition : Empty houses don't make a town, galerie m1886, Ankara, may 2013
Curators : Mehmet Ali Uyssal, TRAM
Réseau tram, Institut Français d’Ankara, METU (Université Technique du Moyen Orient), SANART
Artists : Alper Aydin, Bertille Bak, Christian Barani, Zoé Baraton, Louidji Beltrame, Elodie Brémaud,
Yona Friedman, Loris Gréaud, Olivier Kosta-Théfaine, Thierry Payet, Funda Susamoglu, Ali Sentürk
and Cannelle Tanc.

© Thierry Payet